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[Mar. 19th, 2009|08:37 pm]

Updated June 2014 (New in updated June 13th)

Email - mellymoo13 AT aol.com

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Available to Trade:
General Audios A-G, General Audios H-N, General Audios O-Z

Avenue Q // Concerts & Cabarets // Ghost // Legally Blonde // Les Miserables // We Will Rock You // Wicked // DVDs

I will NOT trade anything on my list marked as NOT FOR TRADE, no exceptions, even if you can offer Caissie Levy singing to me in my living room.
Disclaimer: if you ask anyway, it is quite likely I will agree to the trade and only realise when I go to upload the folder, by which point you may have already sent your part.

NOTE: If you want your master crediting to you (or want credit removing) or see one of your masters that should not be traded on, then please let me know!