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Specific Wants [Jul. 17th, 2008|06:25 pm]

Performer Wants
Any audio or video with;
Caissie Levy
Kelly-Anne Gower (NOT Blood Brothers)
Jenna Lee James
Rachael Wooding
Richard Fleeshman

Audio Wants
Murder Ballad 2013 - any I don't have
Caissie Levy & Scott Alan concert
Ghost Broadway - any I don't have.
Ghost Light Sessions, 19th January 2012, Lunt Fontanne Theatre, New York
Ghost London or Manchester - with Richard Fleeshman and Caissie Levy; 28th March 2011; 28th November 2011; 29th November 2011; 19th January 2012; 18th February 2012
Flashdance - with Emily Hawgood as Alex Owens or Gloria
Fame - with Rachael Wooding
Rent - with Caissie Levy, any I don't have.
Hairspray - with Caissie Levy, any I don't have. Especially Caissie!Amber.
It's a Kind of Magic tour 2007 - Jenna Lee James & Jodie Jacobs
Miss Saigon London with Joanna Ampil
WWRY London - September 29th Evening 2008, Kelly-Anne Gower as Meat or Scaramouche
Matilda - Any with 2nd or 3rd cast Matildas. Or original Stratford Matildas other than Kerry.

Video Wants
Ghost Broadway (other than March 17th)
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - with Jenna Lee James
{C}Les Misérables - Kelly-Anne Gower as Eponine
{C}Starlight Express Bochum with Rachael Wooding
We Will Rock You – any with Jenna Lee-James or after 2005

These are just things I am specifically looking for, I very rarely trade these days as I'm too busy, but if you have a full list please feel free to contact me and I will usually manage to find something.